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Few names in cannabis are surrounded with as much hype as the Jungle Boys. However, because so much focus has gone to the amazing pot they’re producing, little time has been dedicated to learning the real backstory behind the top-shelf collective.

We had the chance to talk with the Jungle Boys’ founder Ivan about their earliest roots, their journey towards running the TLC Collective dispensary in Los Angeles in the midst of the Proposition D regulatory upheaval and the challenges of adjusting to California’s new adult-use market — plus the strain he says is generating the most hype today.

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Runtz Weed Strains

Runtz is a strain of cannabis fresh out of LA, with a terpene profile most would describe as candy. However, Runtz as a strain has an incredibly diverse number of phenotypes, which can drastically effect its data. As such, it is almost impossible to say whether Runtz is a Sativa or Indica leaning hybrid, as different phenotypes end up leaning different ways.

This also stands true for the THC and CBD levels, which are tested on a per-grow basis, and not available on the internet at the moment.Runtz is a popular strain amongst cannabis smokers big into the culture and the advertising behind the packaging of cannabis products. You might have put it together already, but the growers named the strain Runtz based on its sugary-sweet aromatic and flavor profile, in addition to the way the bud looks. If dried and cured correctly, users will be able to spot colors beyond green in the bud

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Gary Payton Cookies Cannabis Strain

A collab between Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics, Gary Payton is a highly coveted Cookies cultivar named after the NBA Hall of Famer. Combining the Y and Snowman breeds a potent, flavorful, and colorful strain. It has high amounts of THC and almost no CBD, and middle-of-the-road effects that provide an even-keeled experience.


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When it comes to harvesting, we are all about traditional methods.

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To achieve this, we harvest our Strains only on specially selected days. Like in the past, all our crops are harvested by hand. Each flower is separated…

Going back to nature, to advance well-being.

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We make no compromises when it comes to quality. This begins by selecting local, USA-certified seeds for planting. Because we have plenty….

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The staff were all so very warm and friendly, OMG. I was anxious and worried about the procedure, but their personal touch helped me relax, which reduced my anxiety.

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"All I can say is don’t wait! I have searched for company after company with a high quality CBD Isolate that comes from the United States and other countried, but this company hit it on the head. They have lab paperwork for their product and their customer service and shipping is top notch. Don’t wait! Order your some today. You will be very satisfied."

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"I don’t smoke marijuana so I wasn’t interested in CBD but after doing my research I understand that it doesn’t produce a “high” but my body sure felt good. This is a very nice option for people like myself that don’t want to ingest any narcotics but also like to take the edge off. The CBD did take my headache away almost instantly and the lasting good feel was well worth the money spent."

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